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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 11, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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northern california are desperate to find out what happened to their loved ones to be frank, to find out who lived and who died. thank you for joining us, i'm scott mcgrew. >> i can't imagine the wait, i'm laura garcia-cannon. just received new video of that massive fire that followed the crash. that thick black smoke and even flames. we're told ten are dead, but so far we really don't know who they are. dozens of others are injured. now, this happened just before 6:00 p.m. on a busy part of interstate 5 in orland, that's just west of chico. the chp tells us a fedex tractor trailer veered across a grassy median, slammed head on into the bus and that bus was packed with students. "today in the bay" sam brock is live in orland with what we have learned from investigators. good morning to you, sam. >> scott, good morning to you. only a few hours ago deceased bodies and you talk about the expressions of grief that were
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removed from scene here just within the last couple of hours. obviously, a very grisly scene. they still don't know what may or may not be inside the bus. a lot of this is still unfolding. if you're a parent or relative, you have to be exasperated right now because so many things you don't know, including the break down of how many students were affected in this event because a number of buses, not just this one, taking students from the l.a. unified district up here to northern california to humboldt state university and still not sure which students were on which buses trying to iron that out. by the way, a couple big points unknown at this point. one is the cause of the crash, what made the fedex truck go over that median and family physical they're even informed at this point, we asked lacy from the california highway patrol what are you telling families and what do they know at this point? >> this type of event with over 40 people that are transferred to over seven different hospitals, it will take a little while to get through everyone's
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names and accountability and what hospital they went to and their injuries, if they're deceased and then their families are being notified in southern california. >> as you mentioned, it is still, also, an active scene out here. we know for a fact that the chp had an accident investigation team that has been out here overnight into the early morning hours trying to piece together the sequence of events and specifically what happened to that driver. now, it could take months to find out the nfrlation. we're hoping for some tidbits and there will be a press conference coming up at 10:00 this morning and we'll be sure to bring you the latest updates when we have them available. reporting live from orland, i'm sam brock. >> two drivers dead and three chaperons and that would leave us with five students. one passed away recently, what, the last hour or hour and a half ago. the therretically the death toll
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could go higher. >> it was confirmed to be ten. that still remains at play. the second question, the allocation of those deaths. did it come from students or chaperons? it was several chaperons, two drivers and five students. we spoke with a chp spokesperson that was unconfirmed at this point. so, dealing with constantly changing, fluid information. >> we'll check in with you throughout the day. >> one thing we know for sure, simply a tragedy. >> just awful. parts of interstate 5 still closed down this morning. want to check in with anthony slaughter in for mike and he has a look at that side of the story for us. >> as you mentioned, we still have a part of that highway shut down and get you straight to the maps where we can check out and see that area. a timeline for you. as you can see, again, right near orland on highway 5 and it is the northbound side that is
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still closed. you'll notice, though, they opened the southbound side and the timeline here around 1:41, that's when they actually had both sides of the highway shut down and then right around 3:00, that's when they issued the sig alert. that's 3:00 this morning for southbound lanes and then they eventually opened it up and now, again, as we mentioned, the northbound lanes are still closed and another incident here on the chp report, they actually had to do a crowd control from the media. so, i guess so many folks coming to this area to actually report on what's happening. they had to clear the scene a little bit. if you have it use this route, doing any traveling through this area, avoid it altogether because, again, northbound side is shut down and they do not have a time as to when that will reopen. laura, back over to you. at 5:04, passengers aboard those buses are using social media to let their friends and family know they're okay. a student name john tweeted out these photos from his hospital bed. you can see he has scrapes,
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bruises but he's going to be okay. peggy bunker in the newsroom with some of the harrowing tales of survirvel. >> we are hearing from several students and families affected by the bus crash. a lot of the information is still fluid and not all the families have been identified of the fatalities at this point. one family, in particular, remains inningany. one of the twins this morning is safe and no confirmation on the whereabouts of the other twin. their younger sister simply praying that her older sister is safe. >> i just know that god has them sa sa safe. >> and this is their mother, marissa gill, wondering if she'll see her older daughter again. she says here, i just know that i'm very, very sad. but my church tells me to have faith in god, that she will be okay and that everything is going to be okay.
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and now one student on the bus said he's still in shock after chatting with a fellow boy that was sitting behind him on the bus. they were talking the whole time, talking about music and the boy got up to charge his phone and talk to the driver and the next minute he was gone. >> he was sitting in back of me and ten minutes later he was putting on his music and stuff and, unfortunately, he is one of the ones that passed away. >> this morning as we continue to think about that girl, clara, thinking about her older sister and one of the two twins, one we mentioned is safe. continue to find out information this morning as the families are, as well. we're also finding this out together. as you also just heard there from anthony, so many families and media descending on the scene of the horrific crash. coming up in eight minutes, we'll hear from the student that was also on that trip. we'll continue to bring you the latest details from the crash
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scene with sam brock throughout the morning. we'll have updates on our website. serious questions are being raised this morning about the case of a woman who claims she was raped by a san jose police officer. the woman claimed she was raped weeks after the alleged assault took place and only after the woman was arrested by chp on suspicion of drunk driving. even prosecutors acknowledge the arrest may have pushed her to report the alleged attack. investigators say officer jeffrey graves forced his way into the woman's hotel room and raped her. 5:07. mountain view police have arrested four more people linked to a house party arson case. so far, police have 18 people in custody and most of them minors. last month, the number of parties thrown at home while the family was on vacation. it happened in the 1700 block. police say the house was set on fire by three minors and also burglarized and a car was stolen. another san francisco 49er is at the center of legal
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investigations this morning. this time quarterback cauline kaepernick is implicated in a possible sexual assault in miami. the third 49er in legal trouble as of late. "today in the bay" bob redell live in santa clara where the players are due in court for separate incidents. >> that would be for smith and culver. the case getting the most attention surrounding 49ers quarterback, colin kaepernick. he has not been arrested or charged with a crime, but under investigation by the miami police department in connection with an incident involving a woman taking place inside a miami condo. this woman who had previously been in a relationship with kaepernick was having drinks with him along with teammate patton and lockette. noting that they did not have
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sex. and after passing out, the woman said she awoke up in a hospital bed not knowing what happened or how she got there. >> give her the benefit of the doubt first. >> as you always do. just like me or you. you have to give everybody the benefit of the doubt. >> kaepernick has yet to comment publicly, but in a statement, the 49ers, the team said it is aware of what has happened with regards to what they have read in the media and is in the process of gathering the pertinent facts. now, lawyers for kaepernick's teammate felony gun charges and found three illegal assault rifles in his home near san jose in 2012. the gun charges have been combined with his arrest last fall for dui and marijuana possession. and the third 49ers who we are talking about earlier, scott, we're talking about cornerback
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chris culver. his lawyers will be in court to talk about his hit and run charges. he was arrested on march 28th, just a couple of weeks ago after they say he hit a bicyclist with his car and then crashed into a witness' car as he tried to run away, allegedly. also faces a felony charge of possessing metal knuckles. reporting live outside here the brand-new levi stadium, bob redell. >> thank you very much. 5:10 and time to check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> looking good out there. starting out in the mid-50s and it's friday and you made it. you know what, look at these temperatures, hard to beat. beautiful spring-like days coming your way. 75 degrees in the south bay for today and 74 degrees along the peninsula and 63 degrees in san francisco and little bit chilly there and the reason why is because we have a storm system just to our south, that will increase the cloud cover throughout the day. mix of sun and clouds but between about 11:30 and 2:30 no
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sunshine expected. as we head through the evening hours, little bit showeric ii c activity will happen and the sierra nevada and something up in the mountains in sierra valley little bit of drizzle coming your way. this is where we are headed as we get into the weekend. 74 degrees by saturday in san jose and 77 degrees for sunday. overall, really comfortable temperatures for your inland spots. a little bit cool if you want to go to san francisco this weekend or even oak town, make sure you bring a jacket with you with temps only into the mid-60s. overall, though, this is not too bad and level off as we head throughout next week. thanks for joining us on a friday. we gave mike the day off, he deserved it. but we're not going to cut you short. matter of fact, we have anthony slaughter in the house. >> note taken, jackt for saturday. let's get you into some traffic information. you can see things are looking pretty good approaching the bay bridge and we don't have any accidents to report of anywhere
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across the bay this morning, that is very good news. let's continue to keep it that way. let's look down into sunol earlier fog but it doesn't look like it's causing too much of a problem and starting to pick up just a little bit, you can see coming aaltamont livermore and 580. things are starting to slow just a bit. quick check of what it looks like in san jose and, again, looks very quiet from this perspective. not a whole lot happening there. on the palo alto cam northbound side, starting to pick up. the good news, no major accidents. >> that is great news. >> thanks, anthony. california is in the middle of a drought, but that could change soon. what forecasters are now predicting. that's headed our way. suspended senator leland yee is back in court possibly facing new charges. details with a live report. a live look at orland the site of the tragic bus crash
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that killed almost a dozen high school students. another update on this breaking news coming up after the break. got a story for nbc bay area investigative unit, call the tip line at 1-888-996-tips or e-mail us at
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>> my head was down and i look up and veer off the road. people say it was a truck driver who was asleep at the wheel and all of a sudden kind of slammed together and i just kind of see black, but there's fire at the front of the bus. it's crushed in the front, pretty much. so, we all start jumping up to run away. a scary and devastating crash for dozens of high school students on a school trip. here's what we know. ten people are dead, including some students. more than 30 others are injured, though some of those have already been released from the hospital. there were 48 people onboard
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that bus when a fedex tractor trailer crossed the grassy median on interstate 5 and slammed into it. witnesses say they saw someone kick a window open to try to help people escape. we continue to monitor the breaking news of this deadly bus crash west of chico this morning. our live team coverage continues throughout the morning. sam brock will have a live update from glenn county in 15 minutes. you can get more details on our website, leland yee will be back in a new courtroom where new charges could be announced today. christie smith live with what that could mean for new trouble for the state senator, christie. >> good morning, scott. this case is already very dramatic with charges of gun running and money laundering and now federal prosecutors are saying they could add new charges, including possibly racketeering, but they haven't said just yet exactly who those
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might be filed against. so far, though, suspended state senator leland yee's attorney hasn't said much at all about the governor's case. pled guilty to political corruption and gun running in a scheme detailed in a long federal indictment. another key figure in this, though, raymond "shrimp boy" chow who has a criminal history was portrayed as the target of this investigation in the first place. but now chow's lawyer says his client isn't a gangster at all, but he was under surveillance for four years and had no charges filed against him. it was actually yee the government was looking to snag. >> you see y believe that if yee hadn't been involved, maybe my client would have never been charged. >> he implied that the government used entrapment characterizing him as using
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enticements against his client and many of the other defendants. yee is due in court this morning in san francisco at 11:00 a.m. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. senator dianne feinstein leaning hard on gop senators getting much-needed water for california farmers. some capitol hill lawmakers are clearly feeling pressure to pass the bill, which would relax environmental rules so more water can get to farmers. the bill co-sponsored by barbara boxer. feinstein says she's close to the 60 votes needed to get it to pass. scientists say a 2 in 3 chance an el nino weather system will soak our state next winter. the meteorologist looked at computer models and measurements and buoys and other equipment determine there is a 66% chance of serious storms by november. they say there is no guarantee of a drought-ending winter, but conditions are similar to those
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from the last major elme nino event in '97 when california got twice as much rain as usual. >> we certainly could use it. anything in sight for the next, what, seven days? >> no, actually, today is our best chance and just a little bit of drizzle expected. hey, i can tell you right now nbc bay area weather team we really have been watching the potential for that el nino and right now looking very favorable for us. however, i have to say that with one word of kauscaution and tha the fact that we do have an el nino it doesn't secure the fact that we'll see more rainfall than usual. let's get to your temperatures this morning. thanks for waking up with us. it's a friday, we're feeling good and we hope you are, as well. kind of a tough news day as you're making your way out the front door and packing your precious cargo, the little ones. if you're taking them to school count we have thick fog and that will be the case at the coastline for the next immediate hours. this fog is pretty thick out
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here, especially in the city, half moon bay and you're going to find that thick fog all the way through daly city this morning. take it easy out there. temperaturewise by lunchtime with the low clouds staying put. in san francisco 61 degrees at noon and 65 at 4:00 p.m. not a bad way to finish off the day and the workweek, of course. if you're headed outdoors, sunrise at 6:40 this morning days are getting longer and warmer as a result. we'll clear you out entirely by about lunchtime, except for at the immediate coast and then that fog is going to come back pretty thick as we head throughout tonight and into tomorrow morning and tomorrow is actually going to be a cooler day overall as a result. 75 degrees for the south bay, but not by much. 74 degrees long the peninsula and mostly cloudy today and mostly cloudy tomorrow and if you want to hit the beach, sunday is looking like the better option if you want that sunshine. 69 degrees for the east bay and 75 in the north bay with mix of sun and clouds and 76 degrees out in the tri-valley where the
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hills are still nice and green. we're going to take a closer look at that weekend forecast and show you what's happening right here in the bay area. some free events for you and the family, that's coming up. let's check your drive and go to anthony. >> let's talk about some traffic here. san jose 101 northbound starting to bog down as cars are starting to flow in this direction, but you'll notice, again, not looking too bad. switch over and show you what the traffic maps are looking at. area coming in northbound. we did start to see some slowing here on the northbound side of 101 and that is clear from the area. the altamont pass starting to clear a little bit and see what it's looking like in fremont. wide open lanes and coming into the southbound side of 880 and let's show you what it looks like as we switch gears over towards the peninsula. the northbound side here really starting to pick up and southbound slowing very smoothly. one last check into the north
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bay, can't forget about you folks up in san rafael. coming in from there, the traffic picking up coming into the city northbound looking pretty good if you are headed out of town here this morning. guys, back over to you. more sad news for you, the coast guard has stopped looking for a 14-year-old boy who was swept out to sea earlier this week. the boy and his father were at ocean beach when the teen was pulled out by the current. his dad jumped in after him, got in trouble himself, had to be rescued by a surfer. crews looked for the boy for more than 20 hours using boats and helicopter to scour the surf. the san francisco fire department has also suspended its search. san jose police are warning people about scammers posing as officers on the phone. investigators say scammers claim they're the police and then they tell victims they have a warrant to arrest them unless they pay a fine. police emphasize no department would ever ask for money over the phone. 5:22 right now. oakland bringing in some heavy hitters for its planned coliseum
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city, including a prince, prince who? we'll take a look, coming up.
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good morning, it's 5:25. prince of dubai parting with the team to build coliseum city in oakland. we learned the multi-billion dollar development could include new stadiums for the oakland a's and raiders. the crown prince comes from a wealthy background. forbes reports his father has a net worth of around $4 billion. the sharks play at the tank tonight, the final game of the regular season, a rare 7:00 start for team teal who host the colorado avalanche. fans will receive a bobblehead as part of the fan appreciation night. san jose has a lock for the playoffs. they'll face the los angeles kings in round one and hearing good news from the coaching
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staff, torres could be ready to play in one week. even bigger so could this man. he's the leading candidate for the nhl's rookie of the year before the devastating knee on knee injury we all remember so well last fall. want to check your forecast now with meteorologist christina loren. how are qulyou doing? >> how you doing? hopefully the answer is good, i'll take it. temperatures mostly in the 50s a. as we head throughout the day, put on a jacket to start but something you can peel off inland by 10:00, 11:00 a.m. that will require a jacket, temperature of 73 degrees in san francisco and just about all day long and else where it is going to be nice. warmer weekend coming our way. right now let's check your drive, here's anthony slaughter. >> how you doing? i was loving that. just had had to relive it. let's get you outside and show you what it looks like at the bay bridge approach. wide open lanes here.
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the lights have not turned on. you can zoom past there and the cars having no problem getting through. let's show you what it looks like on the traffic maps. little yellow embedded here and there and otherwise not really any major accidents, some really good news. i was just checking the chp report a minute ago and there's not anything, that's really good and show you what it is looking like approaching the bay bridge southbound 80 headed init haywood and fremont. 5:27. of course, we continue to follow breaking news at least ten people are dead, dozens of others injured when a tour bus filled with high school students slammed head on into a tractor trailer on interstate 5. we have team coverage coming up next.
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>> she's so sad and desperate to find out what has happened to her daughter. just praying for a miracle that mother desperately awaiting word about her twin daughters who are among the students involved in this deadly tour bus crash. good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> just in the last hour we received new information about the deadly crash involving dozens of high school students. one person died overnight.s t t people killed in this awful crash to ten. over 40 people taken to hospitals in the area. we simply don't know how many of them are still in the hospital this morning. >> the crash happened in orland just west of chico. just before 6:00 last night a tractor trailer veered off car. >> a white car further in the ditch up there side swiped it and went head on with the charter bus. immediate explosion.
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there are 44 students, 3 chaperons and the school bus driver. >> "today in the bay" sam brock live at the scene of the crash where investigators are still gathering evidence. good morning, sam. >> laura, good morning. it is ongoing and a breathtaking scene here and breathtaking in the worst possible sense. you and scott just mentioned the latest details. one of which was a severe burn victim coming from uc davis and the composition of victims to this point is five students, three chaperons and the two drivers of the two vehicles. i want to show you something, over my shoulder, this is rural california. we're not talking about a concrete divider between the highways. that truck was moving and moving at a pace that could have been around 70 miles per hour. that is the speed limit around here. that bus came barreling through the bushes and clipped a car first and ended up, as you said, striking that charter bus full of kids. can you imagine what the impact would be at 25 miles per hour of
5:32 am
a head-on collision. 65, 70 miles per hour. it is absolutely devastating. to this point they don't know what spawned the accident what exactly the chp, the accident investigation team doing out here right now. >> this is a chp multi-disciplinary accident investigation team. they're a team constructed to come out to scenes like this. they can put all the pieces of the puzzle together and look at all the facts and evidence on scene to be able to determine what exactly happened. >> and we are told that it could actually take months to figure out what caused the accident. so many factors that are involved here. very distressing to you if you're a parent or a family member who just want to know what happened here. equally distressing just walking around the vestiges of what happened earlier. oxygen masks, bandages, torn clothes, very hard scene to take in. >> i know these kids on spring
5:33 am
break touring colleges in that area. thanks so much. in the meantime, we saw investigators still on the scene out there and that means part of interstate 5 is still closed. anthony slaughter in for mike with that side of the story. good morning. >> good morning. >> such a sad story to hear, but, of course, we want to give you updated information on the traffic and what it looks like approaching that area, especially if you do any traveling around interstate 5 or highway 5 going up into chico or through that area. let's take you to the traffic maps and show you what w see. lots of green here in the bay area and that means things are looking good. no major accidents or major slow downs here. i want to take you up on interstate 5 right near willow in orland is where we have that closure. it's on interstate 5 northbound. it is still closed. i'm going to give you a time line of when this happened. around 1:41 in the morning chp shut down both lanes and eventually at around 3:00, they opened the southbound lanes. that was around 3:20 this morning, but the northbound lanes are still closed and
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according to chp as of 4:20, they have no estimated time of when that will reopen. if you're doing any traveling this way, you may want to reroute and, of course, just avoid the area because even in the chp report in 3:00 in the morning, they had to clear media and crews away from this area. not a good time to geup and look. lots of folks like to spectate if you have the day off, but not one of those things to do. try to avoid the area at all costs. back to you guy. some students have been released from the hospital. they are telling their stories this morning. >> it was my first time meeting him today, but we all had, some of us had a connection. we were all friends. you could ask people in the hospital right now when they come out, they will tell you the same thing. we felt like friends. we were having a good time and never expected this to happen. >> another student tweeted out this photo from his hospital bed to let his family know he's okay. peggy bunker in the newsroom with a first look at the interior of that bus that crashed. good morning. >> we are getting the first
5:35 am
initial look inside the bus before the accident. we actually got this picture from an nbc photographer who has been on the scene talking to crash survivors. one of them gave him this photo. you can see how calm and ordinary things look on the bus. kids doing the usual things that they do on their smartphones or ipods not knowing that a fedex truck would cross the center median and cause this. killing the fedex driver and bus driver. students there kicking out a window and quickly fleeing from the bus, but, of course, not everyone made it out alive. you just heard from calvin from riverside said he was talking to the boy behind him one minute and the next minute he was gone. >> he was sitting in back of me and ten minutes later he was sitting up there putting his music and stuff, and, unfortunaunforchly, he's one of the ones that passed away. >> also these twin girls.
5:36 am
clara is looking for her older teenage sister twins. one is okay, the one that was on the bus that was not involved in the accident and the other, though, still unaccounted for this morning. as you might imagine, her family is just waiting innin agony. >> we love them a lot and that we're waiting for them to come back. >> so, that is the situation here as we continue to wait and hear exactly who was on the buses. there's still information that many people are grappling to find out. that's why the scene is so very active, as you just heard from anthony slaughter. we, too, in the newsroom are very, very busy. watching every development of the story and bring you the latest as soon as we get it. continuing coverage of the story all morning long. nbc station in los angeles talking to a mother of one of the students on the tour bus. she is rushing to northern california after hearing her son is in the icu. we'll hear from her coming up.
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other news, a steel company has to pay thousands of dollars in fines following a deadly accident at levi stadium last year. cal osha issued new fines against the steel company. one worker died after he was crushed by a load of rebar. company regulators said the company did not have adequate safety procedures in place and failed to secure the steel delivery before the accident. this was a second death at the accident site. time to check in with meteorologist christina loren. how are we looking this morning? >> everything looks a little better on a friday. temperatures mostly in the 50s to kick off the final day of the workweek. you made it. you know, we got great-looking days ahead and as we get into that weekend. 75 degrees in the south bay. if you like what you see here count on more of the same for the weekend with minor changes i do want to tell you about. 73 for the north bay and we have this storm system just off shore and that's driving in quite a
5:38 am
bit of cloud cover this morning and we're getting high and mid-level clouds out there. as we head throughout the morning, though, that will paint an absolutely gorgeous sunrise at 6:40 a.m. in the places you can see the sunrise. fog at the immediate coast and inland this morning looking pretty good and going to be really nice out there as we head throughout the next hour. if you don't have anywhere to go, we'll show you all the sunrise across the bay area and 75 degrees and microclimate certainly making a difference as we head throughout the day today. 75 in the south bay and 73 for san francisco and 63 degrees with afternoon sunshine along the peninsula. you are going to have to wait for it. the closer you are to the water, the more socked in with fog you will be this morning. 69 degrees for the east bay and 79 for the north bay and 76 degrees out in the tri-valley for today. stick around, we'll get to the weekend forecast coming up. >> weekend forecast, my favorite. are we all off? yes! all right, sorry. i'm excited for the weekend. can you tell? all right, 5:38 this morning.
5:39 am
you can see a lot of green on the map this morning. that does mean that things are flowing smoothly approaching the bay bridge. the metering lights have not been turned on yet. another 20 to 30 minutes before that will actually usually happen and you can see, again, across most of the east bay, no major problems to report and i was refreshing my browser and chp and the website was down, no, we just don't have any accidents. the altamon pass starting to show a little slowing, but, again, the great news is that we don't have any accidents to report. >> let's hope it stays that way. we continue to watch breaking news out of orland where a tractor trailer slammed into a tour bus filled with high school students. overpoith parents received calls about their children, one now rushing to northern california to be with her son in the icu. we'll hear from her a little later in the newscast. plus, the court cases for two members of the 49ers move
5:40 am
forward today. comes just days after police report was filed against colin kaepernick. got a story for nbc bay area investigative unit, call the tip line at 1-888-996-tips. or e-mail us at
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in orland this morning, crews working through the night trying to figure out what caused a deadly tour bus crash with a fedex truck that claimed at least ten lives. insouthbound interstate 5 remains open and it just opened a few hours ago. no word on when the northbound lanes of i-5 will reopen. we have new video to show you of the massive fire that followed the crash. you can see that thick black smoke and even flames there. we're told ten people are dead, but so far we don't know exactly who. dozens of others are injured. simply devastating. right now authorities are frantically trying to identify
5:43 am
some of the victims and notify their families. the task is proving extremely difficult because it's unclear exactly who was on that bus that crashed. we do know all the students were from the los angeles area. reggie kumar from our sister station in los angeles joins us now from the ontario airport near riverside and, reggie, a mother of one of the possible victims leaving for northern california right now. >> yes, she just got here about half an hour ago. her son was on that bus up in orland when it broke out into fire after a fedex truck crashed into it. she is now heading up to northern california. she plans to land in sacramento and then drive to chico, where her son is at a hospital. let's go ahead and take a look at some video. she spoke with her son at the hospital. he was able to talk to her on the phone. he was among at least three dozen injured in this crash. as you can imagine, he's in a lot of pain. now, this is a picture of him with his 3-year-old sister, he has a fractured elbow and
5:44 am
bruised lungs. his mother told me her son was sitting near the front of the bus where that fedex crashed into the bus head on yesterday evening. he saved his life by jumping out of a window. she says she doesn't remember the crash and she did not know anyone else on the bus. his mother told me her son started having an asthma attack as soon as he jumped out of the window and people living near the crash scene were able to help him. he was on his way along with dozens of other students to tour humboldt state university. he just got accepted there. the college paid for her flight up there and ten people so far have died in this crash. she plans to be with her son. she says he's in a lot of pain in the icu and hopefully he makes a full recovery. the very latest here in ontario, california, i'm reggie kumar, back to you. >> can't imagine what that reunion will be like. thank you so much, reggie. the bus carrying all those students is owned by a tour bus
5:45 am
company silverado stages. we spoke with the company's ceo overnight, he was, as you might imagine, as devastated as anyone else. >> the most extensive actions possible to ensure the safety of every one of our passengers and all of our drivers and this is never a call that you want to get. and it's a rough night for everybody in the silverado family. >> no doubt. we checked records from the u.s. department of transportation and found the company has had just two accidents in its 27-year history. just one of those was involving a crash involving an injury. again, early indications show the bus and its driver were not at fault in this crash. fedex, though, is also responding to the crash. a company spokesperson says in this statement saying, "our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved in the tragic accident on i-5 in california. we are cooperating fully with authorities as they investigate." we're also hearing from humboldt state this morning. in a statement the president
5:46 am
said, "our hearts go out to those who have been affected and we are here to support them and their families in any way possible." we'll also bring you updates from the scene all morning long. you can get new details on our website, as well. quarterback colin kaepernick not responding to a report involving him in a possible sexual assault. "today in the bay" bob redell live in santa clara where lawyers for two other players are due in court today for separate incidents. bob? >> good morning, scott. of course, you're talking about smith and culver. the third 49er involved in some legal situation. of course, the quarterback colin kaepernick. he has not been arrested and he has not been charged with a crime. but he is under investigation by the miami police department in connection with an incident involving a woman inside a miami condo. the police report reveals this
5:47 am
woman who had previously been in a relationship with kaepernick was having drinks with him ricardo lockette and quinton patton. after passing out, the woman said she woke up in a hospital bed not knowing what happened or how she got there. >> yeah, we always do. just like me or you. you have to give everybody the benefit of the doubt. innocent until proven guilty. >> kaepernick has yet to publicly comment on this situation. his team, the 49ers, saying that the organization is aware of the recent media report regarding kaepernick and is in the process of "gathering the pertinent facts." lawyers for kaepernick's teammate smith will meet with a judge to set a preliminary hearing on preliminary drug charges and he was arrested
5:48 am
after deputies found three illegal assault weapons in his home in 2012. the gun charges combined with his arrest last fall for dui and marijuana possession. and then we're talking about the third 49er in legal trouble, that will be cornerback chris culver. this afternoon his lawyers will be in court to talk about his hit and run charges. he was arrested a couple weeks ago on march 28th after officials say that say that he hit a bicyclist with his car and then crash under to a witness' car as he tried to run away. he also faces a felony charge of possessing metal knuckles. >> all right, bob, thanks. christina joins us on set right now with a look at that foreca forecast. >> i get to be the bearer of good news this morning. >> we need it. >> it is friday. you guys made it. 5:48. thanks for joining us this morning. as you know, we have the weekend upon us and it's going it be very nice. temperatures, one of those weekends where you do want to
5:49 am
make those outdoor plans because it's just perfect out there. you won't need to run your ac and no need for a heater, as well. give your pg&e bill a break as we head through the next couple day. up in santa rosa, the only place you might need the heavy coat this morning. else where in the 50s. show you the two different sides to the bay area. inland valleys nice and clear this morning, meanwhile, coastal areas are socked in with fog. this is san francisco and you can see the clouds coming way down this morning, reducing that visibility even right here over the embarcadero. temperatures today, once the sun comes out and starts to warm us up are going to be perfect. you have to put it in perspective and i like to do it this way. room temperature 73 degrees and right around room temperature in the south bay and probably ditch that jacket here by about 10:00 a.m. 74 for the peninsula and east bay at 76 and probably want to keep your coat by your side in san francisco, 63 degrees. little bit of a wind chill factor with a nice ocean breeze picking up out there. good thing, too. we want that ocean breeze to
5:50 am
pick up, too, because it will clear out the clouds for tonight's firework display at at&t park. now, giants are taking on the rockies. this game watch it right here on nbc bay area. first pitch 60 degrees and then the fireworks start at the end of the game, which really is expected about 10:30 tonight. keep that in mind, 53. mostly clear out there. and you can grow into at&t park for absolutely free to check out those fireworks. this weekend, temperatures are going to be comfortable both days. more sunshine and warmer on sunday. here's anthony slaughter. >> let's talk about some traffic this morning. you can see as we're looking at our traffic maps coming in from san jose, 101 starting to slow here, especially where our camera is. slowing coming past 280 and also you'll notice this area of yellow on 880 right around 280 with some construction there. but, otherwise, we're not seeing any major accidents in santa clara valley. things are slow coming through
5:51 am
sunol and fog and slowing from time to time and also the altamont pass. let's take you outside and show you what it looks like, well, first, we'll show youen s ein s jose. let's switch gears and show you what it looks like in dublin. there you go, you can see lots of cars coming in and traffic starting to stack up and coming through the altamont pass on 580 and one more stop does take us into, i think, palo alto, bay bridge. it's friday. let's talk about the traffic you can see. yep, there it is moving right along. bay bridge light have not been turned on and, also, our final stop in the palo alto shows us, perhaps, no, palo alto. back to you guys. >> i'm the fill-in guy. >> go back to you, having so much fun watching you. all right, anthony, thank you much. a change at the top of the health and human services department. president barack obama plans to
5:52 am
announce the resignation of kathleen sebelius, who has been a lightning rod for the critics of the health care law. even though sebelius is stepping down, many on capitol hill criticizing the obama administration for the recent changes and what that is costing americans. >> what is the cumulative cost of all those changes? while we're on the subject, how many more delays in changes are yet to come? >> president obama expected to nominate silvia matthews burwell to replace her. the time meanwhile, 5:52. google glass for everyone. the company about to make them available to anyone who wants them. we'll tell you all about that coming up next.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
stock futures pointing just slightly higher after a brutal day on wall street yesterday. all three indexes closed in the red, dow down 267 points. s&p 500 down 39. the nasdaq down 130. that's better than 2%. in fact, nasdaq's worst day in 2 1/2 years, tech stocks and amazon, priceline, google all slammed. speaking of google, scott. the company will open up the sale of its google glass product to all u.s. customers at 9:00 a.m. on tuesday. the beta version of the smart glasses will sell for $1,500 plus customizable shades and frames. previously the product was only available to select testers called explorers. what do you think? are you in? >> absolutely not. ium happy just googling on my phone.
5:56 am
>> i used to enjoy having smart people around me and now i know google are smarter than any of my friends. good morning to you, temperature looking good out there. 53 in san francisco and 48 degrees in the north bay to start. we're headed towards the mid-70s for today. so, do count on a beautiful day. hard to beat the mid-70s. we're getting into that time of year where it's really nice out there. with one caveat and that's our pollen levels. we'll tell you when those are highest and all-important weekend. right now let's check your drive and say good morning to anthony slaughter. >> i'm sorry, all right, let's talk about some traffic. you're looking at the bay bridge approach. the thing here to note is the lights are not turned on and seeing some slowing, especially coming through every direction on i-80 and also through richmond and berkeley and those directions. the altamont pass has really been our only trouble spot today. zoom out and show you what we're looking at.
5:57 am
really, really slow. the last half hour, a lot of the speeds have actually slowed below 30 miles per hour. that's really showing a slow go coming through the altamont pass. keeping you updated with that, overall, as we mentioned we haven't had any accident this morning and that's continuing to be the trend. no incidents on that chp report. 5:57 our team coverage of the deadly tour bus crash in orland continues next. ten people dead, dozens of others injured. sam brock has the latest details from the scene and peggy bunker has new interviews from crash survivors, coming up next. i want you to know stuff i want you to be kind. i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. i want you to be handsome. i want you to be awesome. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. i want you to return my emails.
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i want you to keep me doing this for another sixty years. at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at and thrive.
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california high school seniors on their way to tour a college campus with their eyes on the future.
6:00 am
now, their lives are changed forever with some killed, others badly burned after a horrifying and deadly tour bus crash near chico. good morning to you, thank you so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. we do have new details and this is new cell phone video just into our newsroom. we have learned ten people are dead, five of them are the high school students themselves. >> a fedex truck and a car also involved in this crash, all three vehicles still on the roadway and a northbound stretch of interstate 5 shut down for at least another hour. >> we will have team coverage as this investigation unfolds, but we begin live with "today in the bay" sam brock live near the town of orland near the wreckage. good morning, sam. >> yeah, good morning. let me bring you the latest of what's going on right now on the scene. we have an accident investigation team over my shoulder. it's been a little more quiet in the last 20 or 30 minutes, but they've essentially been cng


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